Fouad FMWhatsApp V9.98 Download

APK Size76.2 MB
📆 Date31-01-2024 🎆
⏫ Base Update2.23.21.88 — Play Store
📌 Exclusive FeaturesAdded Ghost Mode👻
(While Ghost Mode is active, your actions will be invisible to everyone. Your last seen is freezed, other people will think you didn't receive the messages, opened messages will not turn blue, and you can view statuses secretly.)
➕ Added Features-
✔️ Enabled Features-
🛠 Fixed Bugs-
⚙️ Misc Updates-
⛏ ImprovementsMore Anti-ban protection 🛡️
Anti-ban for people who are getting repeat 1hr ban


FMWhatsApp V9.98 Anti-Ban Update Overview

Release Date: January 31, 2024

FMWhatsApp V9.98 Anti-Ban Implementation Guide

If your number has been banned from using WhatsApp Fouad, confirm its functionality on the official WhatsApp before migrating to WhatsApp Fouad V9.98 by following these steps:

  1. Comprehensive Backup: Ensure a complete backup including FMMODS and WhatsApp settings.
  2. Package Folder Preservation: Transfer the package folder to a secure location to prevent data loss.
  3. Application Management: Uninstall or clear data from FMWA.
  4. Install Version 9.98: Proceed with the V9.98 installation.
  5. Registration and Verification: Complete the registration and SMS verification process.
  6. Backup Restoration: Restore the backup previously secured.
  7. Completion: The application is now ready for use.

Enhanced Features in V9.98 Compared to V9.90

V9.90 introduced notable features such as Ghost Mode, customizable media download settings, and a classic UI option, alongside support for multiple accounts on a single device, a new settings UI, and the ability to add email addresses to user accounts. V9.98 builds on these with further enhancements and essential bug fixes.

Key Advancements in V9.98

  • User Privacy and Autonomy: FMWhatsApp reinforces its commitment to user privacy and control through the latest feature updates, including an improved Ghost Mode and adaptable media download options.
  • Improved User Interface: By reintroducing profile pictures in groups and addressing critical bugs, the app significantly improves the user experience and interface.
  • Ongoing Development: The evolution from V9.90 to V9.98 demonstrates FMWhatsApp’s dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring an ever-evolving and enhanced user experience.

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