Fouad SC👻

V1.92 / MAY 2024 Updated

Fouad Mod SC: Enhanced Snapchat Alternative with Advanced Features

APK Size:169 MB / Base: (Latest Playstore)

😀🕹Fake Location Changer:🔥Change your location on snap map😀

⏳See the remaining time for the streak to expire exactly 🕐

🌗 100% Full Dark Mode option (App Appearance)🏴

👁 Mark Snap as Opened:You can now decide to make snaps show as 'opened' by clicking the eye icon. (Only when "Hide View Snap" is enabled)

🔥👀Half-swipe (Peek) alert! 👀😈:You will get a notification when someone swipes half the chat to see the messages🔔

Fouad Snapchat
iPhone Feature 01 illustration
iPhone Feature 01

Secret Snap & Story Downloads

With FM Snapchat, discreetly download snaps, stories, and more without alerts. Preserve memorable moments secretly and efficiently.

iPhone Feature 02 illustration
iPhone Feature 02

Night Mode in FM Snapchat

FM Snapchat's Night Mode: Experience a user-friendly interface that's easy on the eyes. This feature offers a comfortable viewing experience, especially in low-light environments.

iPhone Feature 03 illustration
iPhone Feature 03

Location Changer for Enhanced Privacy

FM Snapchat's Location Changer boosts your privacy. It allows you to share snaps from any location, offering an extra layer of security and fun in your interactions.