Guide : Backup and Restore Chats for FMWhatsApp V10


Fouad WhatsApp V10 Update and Chat Restoration Guide

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Update Installation

Encountering issues installing the latest update? You must first delete the old version to install the new one. Retain your chats by following our video guide:

Troubleshooting Installation Issues

If you're unable to install the new version after deleting the old one, make sure you did not enable the option to retain data. If you did:

  1. Open the application manager on your phone.
  2. Search for and uninstall the specific WhatsApp package you were using.
  3. Reinstall the new version successfully.

Alternative Solutions for Persistent Issues

If you followed the above steps without data retention and still face installation problems, consider installing a different package to resolve file conflicts.

Data Restoration Across Different Packages

Switching WhatsApp packages? You can restore your chats depending on your Android version:

Android Versions 11-14

Modify the file name within Android Media as follows:

  • FMWhatsApp: Rename com.fmwhatsapp to your desired package name.
  • Correspondingly, rename FMWhatsApp file inside to match the new package name.

Apply similar renaming for GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, and official WhatsApp as needed.

Android 10 and Lower

Find the file in your phone's internal storage and rename it according to the package you are moving to, e.g., from FMWhatsApp to YOWhatsApp.

Advice for Banned Users and Activation Issues

If you've been banned from using Fouad WhatsApp or have activation issues, utilize the linking method. Make sure the official WhatsApp is disabled in the background to avoid receiving duplicate messages. For detailed instructions:

Read these instructions carefully multiple times to ensure a smooth update and restoration process.

Troubleshooting OTP Receipt Issues

We've noticed some concerns regarding difficulties in receiving one-time passwords (OTP) or calls during the verification process in FMWhatsApp. And this is a step-by-step guide to effectively resolve these issues.

Step-by-Step Solution for OTP Problems

  1. Initial Setup: After installing FMWhatsApp, please request the OTP only once. This is a crucial first step in the verification process.
  2. Receiving the OTP: If you successfully receive the OTP, proceed as usual. However, if the OTP does not arrive, opt for a verification call instead.
  3. Handling OTP Timer: Should you encounter a waiting timer for the OTP, we recommend minimizing FMWhatsApp without closing it entirely. This ensures that the process remains active without interruption.
  4. Application Pinning: For convenience, consider pinning the app in your recent applications menu. This allows for easy access and monitoring of the situation.
  5. Reattempting OTP Request: After an hour, reopen FMWhatsApp and request for the OTP again. This interval often resets the verification process, allowing for another attempt.
  6. Network Connection: Ensure that your device is connected to cellular data. A stable internet connection is vital for receiving the OTP or verification call successfully.
  7. Final Verification: Lastly, proceed to verify your number with the received OTP or through the verification call.